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Apibee is a project for developing new alternative tools and equipment for apiculturists with the aim of easing and lightening the workload in the beehive.


For the moment Apibee only counts the Ergonomiel in its equipment but I stay open for every new proposition to develop. To every person seeking solutions for the implementation of new idea, I would like to offer the knowledge and technic in wood I acquired over the years but also about tools, machinery and apiculture.

Developping alternative beekeeping tools and device.

apibee, ergonomiel, ergonomiel, miel, apiculture


" To keep a high perfomance, the modern apiculture needs to be rationalised. Every step in this direction aims to save up time and unnecessary effort."

Time is honey!

Magazine : Abeilles & Cie n°72- 5/1999 p8



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