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Apibee’s project

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Who am I?

Self-employed carpenter, I discovered apiculture back in 2001. Since then I invested myself in a belgian non-profit organisation for apiculturist “La planche d’envol” in Fosses-la-Ville.

Apibee, miel, ergonomiel

Apibee is a project for developing new alternative tools and equipment for apiculturists with the aim of easing and lightening the workload in the beehive.



The ergonomiel is a 2-level stand dividing the beehive in two independant parts: the supers and the hive body. The under part is removable. The visits take place without having to lift the supers. This system can be used with a maximum of confort and efficiency by everyone, where the name “Ergono-miel”…



The crowdfunding is now closed. We thank all the contributors. 

The BEE-ADVENTURE can now take off and fly….





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For any question, contact us by phone at +32 (0)478 52 16 82 or write us using the form here under.

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