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Visiting Box

​We hang the « visiting box » on the side of the beehive during the manipulations. When the brood nest is complete, we place the first frames in the « visiting box » to make space for manipulating the other ones easily without hurting the queen. When the queen is found we isolate this frame in the « visiting box ».

When you go to your apiary, you can store your new frames in the box.

If you’re breeding queens, you can start with this box. It consists of orphan bees without broodnest that we isolate on the 3 frames with pollen, water, food together with another frame with sockets.
They will then start a royal breeding that we reinsert in the beehive where the frames and the bees come from.

If you already have an Ergonomiel with a bee colony you can proceed to this breeding very easily without orphaning and without interrupting the harvest. This method can be interesting for replacing queens for small beekeepers.

With the Ergonomiel the access to the supers can be close by a board during the visit to avoid looting. The bee colony stay calm. The foraging bee tend to agglutinate on the super which decongests the brood during the visit. When we close it they immediately go back into the hive.

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